6-Week Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program

This program is for you if you want to lose and maintain your weight, relieve digestive distress, resolve joint pain, have more energy, clarity of mind, and feel well in your own skin, and you’ll have my support every step of the way.

This program isn’t a diet, fad or craze. It’s about creating health without yo-yo dieting or setting yourself up to fail. We’ll build a foundation for your health with food. The principles learned in this program are tools that you can always use to create greater health for yourself because your Metabolic Type is unique to you. No more guessing about what’s “right” to eat. You’ll now have a map and a list of foods that are unique to you. No more trial runs or confusion about what foods work for your body.

The 6-Week Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program Includes:

Read in-depth about Metabolic Typing Nutrition here.

-Your Metabolic Type and your Endocrine Type test results.

-One 60-minute call with me to go over your test results, and your customized eating plan.

-Five 30-minute support calls that take place weekly after you receive your test results allowing us to fine-tune and find your “sweet spot” with food.

-Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

-Access to me via email or text for questions or problem resolution between the weekly support calls. I will respond within 24 hours.

-A customized exercise program designed for your Endocrine Type (if desired).

We are now offering a 3-Week Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program for those that feel they need less nutritional support. Please contact us for more details about this program.

Functional Medicine Testing

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (hair) – Included in the 6-Week Metabolic Typing Nutrition Program, otherwise purchased separately.

Organic Acids  + Food Sensitivity + Candida Test (finger stick – blood) – purchased separately

Stress and Hormones Test (saliva) – purchased separately

Gut, Liver, and Detoxification (urine) – purchased separately

Testing will be determined by symptom correlation. All tests are mailed to your home, are to be completed at home, and then mailed directly to the lab. Click on links above for test descriptions.

Price varies depending on the test(s) recommended.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation.