Here, at the beginning of February, we’re in the dead of winter. Dry, cracking, flaking skin is at the top of the list of complaints that I see.

A client came in about 2 months ago, disgruntled and frustrated with, what she called, “a blizzard of dry skin.”

I applied a little bit of friction to her forearm to see if her skin would slough off as she had described. It really was a “blizzard of dry skin.” This kind of “blizzardy” dry skin is a classic sign of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency.

Our body has 100 trillion cells. Each cell is contained by a thin barrier-like membrane. Essential Fatty Acids help to keep that membrane soft and permeable, so that nutrients can get into the cells and toxins can leave the cells. A deficiency of good oils can cause our cell membrane to become sluggish. Nutrients will have trouble getting in, and toxins that we’re exposed to everyday, will have trouble getting out.

Beyond cell membranes, Essential Fatty Acids are needed for hormone stability and production, immune function, pain and inflammation reduction, and blood sugar stabilization. Essential Fatty Acids, fish oils, in particular, are the number one class of anti-aging supplements.

A company that I love because of the quality of their fish oils is Nordic Naturals. They adhere to strict purity standards that are proven through third party analysis. You can often find their products at health food stores such as your local Co-op, Whole Foods or you can get them on-line for a few dollars cheaper at Vitacost.

The very first thing this client and I talked about was hydration. Drinking at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of water a day is the first line of defense against dry skin. Next, we talked about taking Essential Fatty Acids daily. I like the liquid form because you can drizzle them on vegetables, or put them in smoothies. Two very easy ways to remember to take them.

The client mentioned above, came in this week, and mentioned how good her skin felt…

It normally takes about 90 days of hydration and Essential Fatty Acid supplementation to see a difference, if Essential Fatty Acid deficiency is the underlying cause of a client’s dry skin.

If you have, “a blizzard of dry skin”, when you apply a small amount of friction to an area of your skin, then Essential Fatty Acids may be your answer. Make sure that you’re hydrated too…drink at least eight, 8 oz. glasses of water everyday. If you exercise or drink caffeinated beverages, you’ll want to drink more than eight glasses of water per day depending on the amount of exercise that you get and/or caffeine that you drink.

I’m excited to offer the Complete Body Detoxification Program this Spring, 2017. A seasonal cleanse is the best way to ensure that our liver and gallbladder are functioning properly and digesting and emulsifying the oils that we’re taking.