A letter to your younger self is a great meditative exercise that will help with reflection on where you’ve been and where you’re going…

A friend texted me a photo last week…

You see, I wasn’t only lucky enough to have loving friends when I was young, I was also very lucky that their parents were also loving to me. One such parent sent me that photo.

She was going through some old things, and came across a picture of “the four of us”. The four of us were at her house A LOT. Four, fast friends through our early years, and still in touch today.

This photo, taken at an 8th grade ceremony, took me aback. I zoomed in to see myself. With that zoom, I saw and felt myself as that 8th grade girl. Innocent, always nice, always a smile, hopeful, and dreamy. She had no real idea about life, but she sure thought that she did.

I’m not sure why this picture had such an impact, maybe because I’m newly 46, maybe because I currently have a daughter in 8th grade. I haven’t pinpointed the reason. But…

I found myself wanting to talk to my 8th grade self, wanting to tell her what was up ahead. I wanted to tell her about the loves, the losses, the joy, the heartbreak, the adventures, the wise decisions and the times when a better choice could have been made. I wrote her a letter.

I entitled my  letter, “You Are Stronger Than You Think.”

I chose this topic for a blog post because it was such a therapeutic exercise for me, and I wanted to invite you to write a letter to your 8th grade self.

–What would you tell your younger self?

–What would be the title of your letter?

–What lessons has life taught you?

What does this all have to do with skincare, or holistic health?

Well, the premise that my business is built upon is…”beauty begins on the inside, and reflects on the outside”. I express this premise through the work that I do with skincare, nutrition and other natural avenues to health and beauty…with a spiritual underpinning.

A letter to your younger self is a great meditative exercise that helps to reflect on where you’ve been and where you’re going…a holistic view of you, your life, who you were and who you are.

If you choose to write, I would love to hear the title that you choose for your 8th grade self!