Tuning In…

What about our body?

What about our soul?

What about our spirit?

When I was 27, these were big questions of mine. This was a particularly difficult period of time for me. There was loss, chaos, lack of direction and only glimmers of hope. So many things happened in my life and my body at that time. Things that I didn’t understand. I looked for answers from people with letters behind their name only to find a blank stare.

There came a point that I realized that I was having a crisis of spirit, and it seeped its way into all facets of my life. A holistic crisis, if you will. I lost myself on so many levels. With little to hold onto, I cried, I searched, I wondered and I felt…deeply.

In order to do that, I needed to turn back toward myself to heal. If you’ve ever been in a position like this, you know what a rotten realization that is. When you’re in this emotional place, the last thing you want to do is look inside of yourself and feel what’s there.

I ran out of options, so I looked and felt…for years.

Why am I beginning this blog with such a depressing story? Because this empty place was where I found direction. I eventually got myself up, went back to school, and started forming relationships again. It all revolved around my health, both physically and spiritually. I found that when I started to feel better, I began to see light in places that I hadn’t seen it before.

This is the reason behind the work that I do, and I wanted to share it with you.

I use tools like food, functional testing, skincare, and energy work to help the people that I have the privilege of working with to feel better in their body. In my opinion, feeling good in our body is one of the golden keys to a happy life. When we feel good, our relationships are better, we experience more joy, more life, and our energy is freed up to create wonderful things.

I created the programs that I currently offer for just this reason – I’m committed to helping you feel good in your body, to be free of dis-ease, and to feel empowered around your health.

4-Week Metabolic Typing Program – This program is wonderful for balancing weight, eliminating pain, bringing back energy, regulating the menstrual cycle, healing digestive distress, resolving diabetes, addressing chronic and acute disease, and healing skin conditions.

Custom Organic Skincare – These treatments are really effective in keeping your skin resilient, hydrated and glowing. The pillars of these treatments are steam, herbal compresses, detoxification, microdermabrasion, cold laser, botanicals, serums, peptides and so much more depending on your skin type.

The Complete Body Detoxification Program – This is a good place to begin if you are looking to reset your eating, lifestyle, and habits. This program wakes up your liver, bowels, and energy through phases I, II and III of detoxification.

I’m in the process of creating a Functional Diagnostic Testing page on my website. It will include adrenal testing, parasite and h.pylori testing, and liver and gut testing to name a few. These are test kits that are delivered to you in the mail. You can do them all at home because they are saliva, blood (finger prick), urine and stool tests. They serve to get a clearer picture of what’s going on inside of your body. I hope to have this service up by the end of October. Stay tuned!

If you would like to talk about any of these programs, send me an email here.

A final note…

There is so much power in tuning into your body and feeling the difference between what you’ve come to know as normal and getting a glimpse of what is possible for you, your health and the way you feel.

The energies that are around right now are antagonistic and intense. I know they are for me and for many of my clients. This time reminds me of the biggest lesson that I walked away with from my 27-year-old self….we ‘sometimes’ need to be lost in order to find something that we never knew we needed.