A December Meditaiton

December can be a month of many ups and downs. For some, it’s a mystical and magical time. For others, it’s stressful and anxiety producing. I wanted to give you something that I hope you’ll enjoy no matter what space the month of December holds for you.

I was going to record a meditation of my own, and then came across a meditation that my friend, Martine wrote. I remember her reading it to me many years ago. I remember the feeling that it evoked. It fed my belief in the magic of December and also the hope and spirit filled energy of the season.

My hope is that this meditation will offer a nice internal feeling for you too, no matter what’s going on for you this December. Take these 5 minutes for yourself, and let it take you where ever you’d like to go in your imagination.

It’s just as important to take care of your emotional self as well as your physical self this holiday season…and every season.

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