Eat right for your Metabolic Type
“I’ve been supported by Shannon for 25 days. I’m now living without the inflammatory pain that’s been present for the last three years, and I’ve lost eight pounds!”
Roberta Chavez – Santa Fe, NM
Are you confused about what to eat?
There are so many ways of eating being talked about out there. Here are just a few that you may have come across; Paleo, ketogenic, vegetarian, blood type, and carbohydrate loading. Some of these diets may work for some people, but not everyone should be eating in a Paleo way and not everyone should be a vegetarian, for example.
Here’s where Metabolic Typing® Nutrition comes in
Metabolic Typing is a custom nutrition program that’s designed specifically for each individual. If you’re interested in the nuts and bolts of Metabolic Typing, just scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Once you know your Metabolic Type, you’ll know which foods move you away from weight issues, disease, and dieting, and which foods move you toward optimal health, energy and focus.

“Shannon changed the way I understand food and nutrition and changed my life.  I sought her help because of really troublesome acne. My acne had been ongoing for several years, and quickly resolved when I followed her advice! Turns out, she helped me with so much more. I now share her wisdom and insight with my own patients.”
Monica Eggleston – Moscow, ID

How Metabolic Typing Nutrition works
After we find your Metabolic Type through an online test, we work together as partners in your health. We work together to help you find your SWEET SPOT with food. We’re looking to discover the place where weight is balanced, symptoms resolve and heal, you have plenty of energy, and a steady, calm focus – all through the food that you eat! Metabolic Typing Nutrition is not a diet; it’s a preventative, health building program that you can use for life.
My goals for you
Your Symptoms are Addressed: Whether you have a weight issue, pain in your body, a chronic health condition, a skin concern, fatigue, trouble focusing, difficulty with menstruation or digestive distress – we seek to resolve it, and we begin with food.

You Gain Body Awareness: Awareness of your body, and how food alters the way you feel, is a critical step in making food choices that bring you toward greater and more resilient health.

You Make Empowered Choices: When you know how food impacts you, you have the power to make choices based on knowledge, awareness and caring for yourself.

The nuts and bolts of Metabolic Typing Nutrition
One diet does not fit all. Your body responds uniquely to food based on genetics, biochemical makeup, family history and your own interaction with the environment. The diets mentioned above don’t take these factors into consideration. Metabolic Typing does.

Metabolic Typing Nutrition is derived from scientific methods developed from studying the major body control systems.  These systems have been researched and have progressed over the past 70 years to our present day program created by William Wolcott.

Metabolic Typing Nutrition puts an end to the confusion about your unique food needs. When you begin to eat this way, your metabolism moves toward greater balance. As you do that, symptoms disappear, you build health, and your body produces energy more efficiently for a happier, healthier life.

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