Are you “feeding” your old self or your new self?

With every action we take, we can ask ourselves, “Am I feeding my old self…or my new self?”

There’s deep meaning in this question. It’s a question that was posed to me a few weeks ago. I was taken aback with its profound message. I wanted to write about it so we can all take something away from our answer, for ourselves and our lives.

It’s no small question…

We can think about it literally or figuratively. As you may know, I talk a lot about food in the work I do because it’s fundamental for physical and emotional wellbeing. When my clients need encouragement staying on track with the goals they’ve set for themselves, we talk about whether they’re feeding their old self or the new self that they’d like to create.

It comes down to this: If we feed our old self, that’s what we’ll create. If we feed our new self, that’s what we’ll create.

We can apply this philosophy to any area of life, and make adjustments.

I’ve been bringing this question into my own life in lots of ways.

Where have I used it?

The tone of voice I use…
-I check my energy before I say things, especially to my daughter. A 15 year old can really test you!

When I buy things for the house…
-Does ‘this thing’ represent the feeling that I want to have?

What I put into my body…
-I’d like to have good, grounded energy. Will this food help me to feel this way?

What type of exercise I choose that day…
-Keeping in mind my energy, my time and what will strengthen myself. I now realize that exercise doesn’t need to be an over the top, exhaustive experience. I just need to move.

What clothes I wear…
-I want to feel soft, comfortable and beautiful. Do the clothes I have on help me to feel this way?

Where I let my thoughts go.
-A big one for me. When my thoughts run aways from me, it’s important for me to stop, bring them back and refocus on how I want to feel.

I’m not always successful in creating this next best version of myself, but I know where I want to go in my life, who I want to be, and how I want to feel. This question helps to bring a consciousness around whether I’m feeding this new version of myself or if I’m keeping myself stuck in patterns of the past.

To create new, we need to step into new habits. As those new habits begin to take hold…so does the next best version of us!

I’m currently recreating my programs to address, not only, the most nourishing food and medicine for the people that I have the honor of working with, but we’ll also be digging out habits, patterns of thought and ways of being that have held them back from creating the next best version of themselves. This deeper, multilayered and more holistic approach will allow them to live from the fullest, truest version of themselves. I’m really excited about this fresh energy in my work!

In the meantime, if you’re interested in experiencing the 3-Week or 6-Week Metabolic Typing Program at their current prices with pieces of the new program weaved in, i’d love to connect with you, and give you a taste of the new things that I’m cooking up!

Remember to keep “feeding” your new self. You’re closer than you think!

In Abundant Health,


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