Today I wanted to talk about the link between inflammation and chronic disease. If you have an acute or chronic condition, this article may be of interest.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is a response from the body to assist in the elimination of pathogens and to repair tissue damage from trauma. It’s a healthy, natural response to cellular stress caused by something perceived as a threat. It signals the body to bring extra nutrition to sites that are damaged by injury or illness. Without inflammation, proper healing couldn’t occur.

While acute inflammation is critical to our well-being, chronic, long-term inflammation is damaging to cells and linked to many diseases. Chronic inflammation occurs when the immune system believes there is a threat even when there is no immediate reason for this perceived threat. Chronic inflammation is unique to each person that has it, but lifestyle factors, genetic factors, environmental factors, internal stressors, and food are all likely causes.

As I research topics and work with people, it’s clear that inflammation is an underlying contributor to most (if not all) chronic disease. Some of the most common of these include cancer, pain, weight gain, digestive distress, depression, heart disease, and diabetes. Since inflammation is involved in so many chronic diseases, detecting and targeting inflammation is really important to heal the root cause of the symptoms. If the underlying cause of inflammation such as improper food, candida, bacteria, heavy metals, food sensitivities, and environmental toxins are determined, the disease process can be reversed.


Eat for your Metabolic Type® – eating for your Metabolic Type® will bring your body into balance, it will create fuel for you, and sensitive foods will be considered/removed. This is the first step in addressing inflammation.


Lifestyle and emotional factors – let’s look at the ways in which lifestyle and emotional habits contribute to inflammation. Did you know that stress is the number one contributor to leaky gut? This is why we’ll develop your personal lifestyle and emotional toolbox. You’ll be able to reach for these tools in times of stress where you may have previously chosen to self-sabotage, and now want to make better choices for your long-term health.


Targeted functional testing – if symptoms don’t resolve with food and lifestyle adjustments, then we’ll look deeper into what’s holding the body back from finding its way by using functional medicine testing. These tests are sent to your home, performed at home, sent to the lab, and the results sent to me to go over them with you.

You can turn your health and your life around. You have more power than you realize to create health for yourself. Your life is waiting for you to feel better in your body so you can live a fuller, richer life. If you would like to talk about how we work together, as partners in your health, contact me below.

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