I work with people. I work with their life, their spirit, their bodies and their food. This is holistic medicine.

I entitled this blog, “It’s so much more than food” because when I work with people, it is about food…AND so much more than food. We use the tools of food, of support, and of your body to bring health and life back. That’s what it’s about. LIFE. Your life in particular.

In my own life story, I ignored my body, refused to nourish it, I even punished it. I wanted to have control over it to make myself feel better. I treated it like a machine of which I didn’t understand and had no connection or empathy for.

Those were dark days, but over the past 25 years, through education, my own process and that of many clients, I’ve learned another way. Through care and consciousness around my body, I now understand it, have created health for it, and feel a sense of empowerment around it.


I want to empower you around your body, and around food. I want you to know that your body is smart and that you can heal yourself….no matter what it is. No matter what “it” is…you can feel better. You could be suffering from symptoms such as achy joints, digestive distress, a skin condition, fatigue, or you may have a deeper condition like an autoimmune disease, diabetes, Lyme disease or cancer. Knowing your Metabolic Type can help with all of these things because it builds a foundation where health can thrive.

When I first started working with Metabolic Typing, it was all about the food. What I’ve learned over time and working with clients is that Metabolic Typing brings so much more. If done properly, Metabolic Typing works 100% of the time. It quiets our physical self, by taking the pain away, by healing digestion, by balancing blood sugar, by giving you an understanding of your body and how it feels.

When a person works with me, I determine their Metabolic Type first. Without knowing this, I’m a boat in the middle of the ocean without oars. It’s that important. Every bite we take will swing our body in one direction or another. A very healthy, resilient body does have more leeway than a body that has been out of balance for a while. This is why kids, teenagers, and people in their twenties can usually get away with a lot. As we age, unless we’ve been paying attention to our body, symptoms will begin to develop.

The amazing thing is that your body will always tell you. It knows. A client’s body is the #1 tool I use when working with Metabolic Typing. In the fast-paced life that many of us live, we forget to look back to see how a meal or a snack made our body feel. When we do that, we can make adjustments. If you’re bloated, achy, overweight, tired, spacy or hungry, this is your body’s way of letting you know that something is off, and it’s often food.

Metabolic Typing is wonderful, BUT it isn’t a magic bullet.

It’s a lifestyle and mindset shift.

We’re changing your relationship with food, with your body and with your life. We’re shifting the thinking from plugging the holes in the bathtub to asking the question, “Why are the holes there in the first place?”

Do you see the difference? Creating health is not running around trying to fix or plug the holes with drugs or even supplements. Creating true health is healing and repairing the holes. If we think about it…the holes were created for one reason. The body didn’t have the nutrients it needed to remain in a state of homeostasis.

When we work in this way, we don’t need to be scared for our health in the future, or scared of our “healthcare system.” You can understand your body, food and how to create health for yourself. How empowering is that?

You can have resilient health into your future. You need a map, some self-love and you need to show up for yourself in ways that maybe you never thought of.

Contact me below to learn more about my 6-Week Metabolic Typing Program. You can understand and heal your body, create health for yourself and change your relationship with food and ultimately with your life.

With Love and Abundant Health,

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