My Programs

“Shannon changed the way I understand food and nutrition and changed my life.  I sought her help because of really troublesome acne. My acne had been ongoing for several years, and quickly resolved when I followed her advice! Turns out, she helped me with so much more. I now share her wisdom and insight with my own patients.”
Monica Eggleston – Moscow, ID


“I am so thankful for the skin care and Metabolic Typing eating plan that I received through your services, Shannon. It has made a huge impact on my life. Your services helped relieve the suffering in my skin, stomach, and invariably the rest of my body.  Almost six years later, I am still using the skills you taught me on how to eat better for my body! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”
Jenny Cale – San Fransisco, CA


With Shannon’s expertise and support, I feel that for the first time I know what foods really suit me and can make choices in my diet that gives me good, strong energy.  This is what I was seeking, and Shannon supported me in making sustainable shifts in my relationship to food.  At first, I admit, I felt deprived. Changing decades of eating habits is no small task.  But once I really felt the difference in energy and clarity my new relationship to food was creating, I was excited to keep exploring.  Unlike many of the cleanses I’ve engaged in, Metabolic Typing helped me to see what my body needs, to shift some pretty strong habitual eating patterns, and to sense that this is sustainable because I feel so much better.  I know what balances me, and I feel I am nourishing myself with the food I eat.  Shannon’s support has been invaluable in shifting my relationship to food and to myself.
Renee Gregario – El Rito, NM


“I was at a place of giving up. In just a few weeks Shannon guided me on a path to healing my body through fueling it with food. I’ m feeling better than I have in many, many years!”
Jennifer Russell – Hollis, ME


“I’m 52, and for the first time in my life, I feel educated about food and my body. Shannon treated me like an adult, taught me about how MY body reacts to, uses and stores the foods I choose to eat. Now I know what will happen when I choose different foods, and I understand why! I thought I was destined to be overweight for the rest of my life. Now, I’ve lost 25 pounds in 2 months with ease and I’m 10 pounds from the goal I thought was impossible. Food finally makes sense to me. Shannon is nurturing, empowering and informative, and then lets me make my own choices based on my goals. Shannon rocks!”
Rick Allred – Santa Fe, NM


I’ve been supported by Shannon for 25 days. I’m now living without the inflammatory pain that’s been present for the last three years, and I’ve lost 8 pounds!
Roberta Chavez – Santa Fe, NM